Day Thirty Five

Letter From Your Grandma;

Hi Denver. 

I sure do miss you!  I can't believe you are over a month old.  I can see by your pictures that you are gaining weight.  I hope your sleepless nights are over with.  Mom and Dad are getting tired.  I will write you later.  Maybe you could write me a letter.

Love Grandma

Day Thirty Four

Denver has been giving us trouble so I had no time to write. Too tired to sleep - enough energy to cry. Nuf said.

Day Thirty Two

This morning she was awake in her bed playing by herself - no crying. Then we played together for an hour - she can "stand" by own power (but not balance) for up to 5 seconds. Or if I she grips one on my fingers in each hand I can pull her up on her feet. She seems happy when she gets up on her feet.

She is also making little deliberate sounds. Cute.

Day Thirty One

I took Denver to the pool today to show her off to all of the ladies. They said she is so cute and has so much hair.

She is now one month old.

Day Thirty

Took her to the hospital today for her check up and one month shots. It was a zoo - so we left without seeing the Doc. We came back at 7 pm when the Doc was on call. He said Denver is fine. She got Hep B shot.

Day Twenty Nine

She likes to go outside. We went for a tour of the grounds and a bit of exercise - then she started getting hungry and fussy.

Mandy was getting restless so I took her and Denver on my business meeting rounds including lunch. Denver, being a professional sleeper, had no problems sleeping on cue.

Day Twenty Eight

Denver and I went to the gym and I had a swim while mom caught up on her much needed sleep. She really likes going out in the stroller. I had to bring her back home for a "pit stop" at the diaper station.

Day Twenty Seven

She slept right through the construction work. We had drills and saws going on in the house - but when the sound stopped she woke up.

Day Twenty Six

She is realy growing and getting sharper - more aware of what is going on. Now she knows when he momma is near - by voice or sight.

Day Twenty Five

Today we went to the gym and pool together. I worked out and had a swim and she slept - what a good combination. She likes the stroller as long as it is moving...

Day Twenty Four

Wow, the pear juice worked!

But today Denver was crying on / off for three hours. I was working so Mandy was home alone - she was stressed...

But by evening she was sleeping, eating, and playing without fuss.

Is it normal for a 25 day old to turn themselves over? We were watching Denver and we amazed at how she can pick up her head and move it side to said easily - and then she just rolled over from her stomach to her back! I put her on her stomach again and she rolled over again. She tries to roll from her back to her stomach but just can't quite make it.

So from now on we have to be much more careful - especially when she is on the changing table.

Day Twenty Three

We went out for the first time. Mandy was hungry for Japanese food so we went hog wild at a Japanese buffet. Denver fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up at the restaurant. On the way home she was still out cold so we stopped at the Hyper market to load up on supplies. She slept right through the toy section!

Leeann recommended giving Denver pear juice for constipation. We bought some and Denver really likes it. At first I squirted a little on her lips and she was sticking her tongue out like an ant eater.

Day Twenty Two

She is still grumpy. We had to put mittens on her hands as when we put her in the crib she would grab her hair and pull so hard she would cry! I couldn't loosen her grip on her hair - so I tickled her under arm and she finally let go - and stopped crying. long will it take for her to make the connection?

Then again I know many adults who can't make the connection between their actions and pain.

Day Twenty One

Denver was fussy all day long - and farted a lot, too. So she wore Mandy out - making Mandy a bit grumpy. So I had to deal with two grumpy girls.

Day Twenty

OK, our first real sleepless night. She was fussy all night long.

Day Nineteen

She is getting more fidgety. She doesn't like to be in one place too long. I can see some sleepless nights coming real soon.

Day Eighteen

Hiccups. More hiccups. The hiccups are probably from gurgling up milk. And the only way to get rid of the hiccups is to give her more milk!

She is smiling more. I woke her up and was holding her - she smiled when she saw and heard Mandy.

Monkey Toes & Power Grip
I think Mandy ate too many bananas when she was pregnant. Denver has incredibly dexterous toes. She can grab my chest hair with her toes - or my pinky finger.

And her grip is unreal. Once she has my chest hair she won't let go. Even funnier is that she grabs her own hair so tight she pulls out a wad here and there. I guess she hasn't connected the pain in her scalp to the effort she puts into pulling.

Day Seventeen

Getting a bit grumpy. Farting a lot, too. Maybe mom ate too much garlic (my cooking).

Took another bath. She was happy until I poured a bit of water over her that was a bit cold.

Day Sixteen

What a cutie. Today it seems Denver suddenly started to look around much more. I was holding her and she turned when she heard her momma. Then back to me. Then back to her mom.

And she has so many facial expressions. She started smiling more today, too.

Day Fifteen

Great Grandma left today. Denver was a bit grumpy - kept wanting to milk but wouldn't go to sleep or play - just whined. Probably because the spaghetti I made was a bit spicy.

Day Fourteen

She had her second check up. Everything is fine. She didn't even cry - happy as can be.

Day Thirteen

She is nor officially a teenager!

We went outside again today. She was happy for 20 minutes then started fussing (hungry?)

Now when she wakes up she likes to play for 5 minutes before milking. And if she is well rested she will play for about 20 minutes after she milks.

She is now smiling more! If you kiss her cheek she sometimes smiles...

Day Twelve

I had to work today - so I was out of the house all day. I really missed Denver!

Now she concentrates more - she will look at you for a good 2 or 3 minutes.

Day Eleven

Denver had her first water bath! She loved it. Happy as can be in the water. Soooooooooo cute.

Day Ten

She is sooooooo cute! She folds her hand when she sleeps.

Day Nine

Eat, sleep, poop. WIth a half hour of play here and there. I guess that's pretty exciting after nine+ months inside a womb. She is now figuring out what her hands are for - sucking. And when she grabs my chest hairs there is no letting go!

Day Eight

Wow, she is one week old. Denver is a bit more active now - less sleeping. After feeding she will "play" for a while. It seems like much longer than a week.

She now can recognize Momma's face and touch. She also recognizes my face a bit.

Day Seven

We took Denver to her new pediatrician. She had a check up and we had her Biliburin level tested again - it was 220. The doctor gave us some medicine and told us to put her in indirect sunlight an hour or two a day.

The rest of the check up went fine. She didn't even cry when they took her blood!

Day six

Denver is having fun at home - playing with Grandma. She still eats and sleep most of the day.

The Fifth Day

I picked Mandy and Denver up at the hospital. Denver was tired from sitting in "the sun" all day. Her biliBurin count dropped to 200. We will take her back in 2 days to test her level again.