Oct 2007

The Fourth Day

In British Commonwealth countries and colonies, medical care is proactive rather than reactive. Two days after checking out of the hospital a government midwife visited our house to check Denver and Mandy (free of charge). She cleaned Denver's umbilical cord area and examined her. She did a simple Jaundice test and said Denver has a bit of Jaundice - and we should bring her to the doctor.

So we brought her to her new Pediatrician. Her ordered a BiliRubin blood test. Denver was at 289 and the cut off is 260. So we checked Denver and Mandy in to the hospital and Denver will undergo photo therapy for a day or two just to be sure.

So Denver is under the "sun lamp" and Mandy is just waiting for her job - to feed Denver between suntans.

It is quiet and lonely here at home without the two. Hopefully Denver's BiliRubon count will be lower than 260 by tomorrow - so they can come home!


The Third Day

We can't believe Denver has only been outside the womb for less than 3 days. So far she is very well behaved - only a few cries when she is hungry. She loves to be held or sleep in the car seat (doesn't like her crib yet).

We are just hanging out at home with her. She feeds then sleeps. Feeds again and then plays a bit then sleeps.

Time for her bath!

The Ride Home

On Saturday we checked out of the hospital. Before we left Mandy had lunch and fed Denver. She was out cold and we put her into the car seat / stroller.

She slept the whole way home.

The Second Night

Boy, she really can drink a lot of milk. She fed for 10 hours - taking little rests here and there - but continuing to suckle all night long. I was sleeping on the hospital's "convertible" chair / bed contraption - unfortunately it is made for under five feet tall people.

Finally at 6 AM she decided she had had enough and dosed off.

24 Hours after

Denver is doing great! And Mandy is recovering well. She is already breast feeding well. Her hands are very active and she can grab things.

The first night she slept like a champ. Mandy fed her and I burped her - then she was asleep.

Denver Alice Kroc!

Denver Alice Kroc was born on October 25th at 4:30 PM in Island Hospital on the Island of Penang (Malaysia).

She was 8.12 LBS (3.72 KG) and came out like a champ. She is soooo beautiful! She came out strong and ready.

Mandy did a great job on the delivery table. She chose not to have any anesthesia - it was difficult but she is strong and made it through.