Fourth Month

Wow, she is growing fast!

Well, she took her first international trip. We went from Penang to Hong Kong and then from Hong Kong to Korea. Each flight was only 3.5 hours long. She really like traveling! She never whined or cried the entire trip (can't say that for everyone). She had fun in the plane - all sort of interesting things and people to look at. She was the darling of the plane.

I brought Denver and Mandy to Grandma's house. I then went to work. Both of us worked for 30 days strait - every single day including the weekends.

After a month we had to stop in Hong Kong as I had one more meeting. I think we did one years worth of work in one month. Hong Kong is interesting but the hotels are very expensive. 2 days was enough.

We were so glad to be back home. Denver was a bit fussy - I guess the long trip wore her out. She also had 4 different beds she slept in. But she was glad to be back home and playing with her toys in her room.

So now she can turn herself over and she tries to crawl. She lifts herself up - does a push up - but then she lifts her back legs up instead of pushing. So she gets a lot of exercise but goes no where. She does know how to move when she is on her back though.

She can stand very well. And she can grip things better and has much more muscle motor control.