Month 7

Denver is getting big! And loud! She always made noises but never screamed - now she can be pretty loud - so it is harder to go out to eat. I guess we were spoiled as she always slept when we went out to eat. Not anymore, she wants to stay awake to see all of the action.

Yesterday we tried to go to a five start restaurant but they don't allow babies. So instead we went to a fancy Chinese place. Denver had a lot of fun!

Hi Denver   I guess you are now a world traveler.  Rumour has it that you enjoyed your trips and didn't cause any trouble.
I am writing to tell you about Mothers Day.  Dan and Leeann took all of the Mothers, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers out for brunch.  Since you could not be here I took a king sized picture of you so that you could join in the celebration.
I know that your Mommy & Daddy are really busy, but anything you can say to them about coming to see me should hlep.
Love you    Grandma

Finally she can crawl!

She could walk, stand up, hold herself up, turn over, sit up, play the piano (with on efinger at a time), drink from her no-spil drink cup - but she couldn't crawl. She would get up on all fours and one leg would insinctively move - but it would just move forward and backward - and no movement would take place.

Now a week after her first crawl she can d 10 feet a minute. She gets so excited that she howls out as she is moving - so proud of herself.

And she can roll from heback to her stomach - but not back - well directly that is. Instead she sits up first and then she lays down.

Still no teeth.

She really likes swimming. We bought her a small inflatable boat - she loves it. She kicks like she is in her walker - but she ends up just spinning around.

She is learning to not touch something or move off her play mat area. When she is trying to grab something she isn't supposed to - and I say "no!" in a firm voice she backs down. Same when she is trying to crawl off her play mat (it is 10X10).

Denver is just like her momma - very good at eating. We were worried that she might now want solid food as she has never had a bottle - but the first time she tried solid she loved it. Mandy is making all of her food. So far so good. Her favorite so far is sweet potatoes.

She has learned to whine or charm. When she doesn't want something she will whine - but if you ignore her the whining goes away after 5 seconds and she is smiling and playing.

And when you open the door to her room to peek in on her in her crib she hears he squeak of the hinges - and she looks up with the biggest smile and a "I'm so happy to see you come and rescue me look" on her face. Who wouldn't rescue her from the lonely crib...