Week Ten

The Bath
Denver now likes her evening baths. Before she screamed all the way through. Now she likes playing in the water. We use a bucket with baby bath soap & water to dunk her in, then scrub her a bit, then into the baby bath to rinse and play (it has a seat built in so she can sit by herself). Loads if fun!

The Walker
Denver started using a walker this week. We have a hand-me-down walker. She loves sitting in it - but even on the lowest setting she can just barely touch the ground - so she is only moving inches at a time. She will look at you as you walk around the room - back and forth, back and forth.

Letter From Grandma:

Denver    I haven't heard from you for quite a while.   I am wondering if your Mom & Dad took you for a 2 week check up.  If they did how much did you weigh and how long were you.  I am enjoying all of the pictures your parents are posting of you, but of course it is not the same as being with you and holding you.   I find it absolutely amazing how much you and your 2nd cousin Cheyanne resemble each other.  Maybe it is because you both have names of cities in the western U.S. What do you think?
Write soon
Love you Gramma

I had my check up and all is fine! Just playing around in my crib and with my new toys.



I was working in Singapore for a while so I couldn't update the blog.