Week Fifteen


She now can stand up by herself while holding my thumbs for balance.

She laughs! She has been find of giggling for a while - but suddenly she bursted out in "ha ha ha ha" laughter - lasting 3 or 4 seconds - and then again a bit more. Of course she stopped by the time we ran for the video camera. Then later in the day I was holding her while on the phone and she started laughing a lot - loud enough for the caller to hear. Kind of sounded like one of those Tickle-Me-Elmo dolls.

Nowadays she is rarely grumpy. Mandy is doing a great job of keeping track of how long she has been up so she doesn't get over tired. Are we on easy street? Or is this a temporary lull? She slept right trough our Chinese New Year dinner (we went to an Italian restaurant - don't ask). I guess the fine dining atmosphere makes her sleepy.

She keeps scratching the back of her head & rubbing her ear.